The Most Expensive Painting Ever Sold on The Black Market

£200m, That is the price of the most expensive painting ever sold!

        But that said amount is nothing when compared to the most expensive painting ever sold on the Black Market.

       The painting entitled “The Abstraction of Reason”, a 150 mm by  210 mm artwork, was sold to a billionaire who used an escrow agent to commence the deal. It was illegally exported from the Philippines and smuggled to Singapore.

       The painter of the artwork is an unknown Filipino artist, who painted his first and last piece of art, and the artwork itself has a story to tell. A story of struggle, a story of optimism, and a story of hope. Despite the odds of never being seen by the public viewing, the first ever image is published online. 


 What is the price of this artwork?

400,000 bitcoin currency!

Or that is equal to about 500 million Dollars, or 390 Million British Pounds!

     It is probably one of the most expensive items to be sold online on the black market and also in the legal online market. The painting is worth three 140 million Dollar yacht!!! The most expensive item to be sold on the legal online market.

     There are however, controversies surrounding this deal. Some speculations say that the Painting was not successfully transferred to its destination. Some claim that the painting was safely transported. Others who saw the painting, criticized its value. And perhaps the most important question of all is that…